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boleto bancario scesgo

Projects Overview

The cornerstone of this endeavor lay in the integration of the venerable “Boleto Bancário” system into a robust PHP framework. This intricate endeavor required a nuanced understanding of both financial systems and coding proficiency at a senior developer’s level. Our team knew that this was a task that demanded the utmost precision and expertise.

The team delved deep into the intricate computational processes that underpinned the “Boleto Bancário” system. Meticulously dissecting every aspect, from the generation of the payment slip to the validation and confirmation of transactions, they left no stone unturned. The result was a seamless integration that allowed users to initiate and process payments effortlessly, bringing unprecedented convenience to the online payment experience.

To ensure compliance and reliability, an API endpoint was established in collaboration with the governmental bank CAIXA. This pivotal integration not only enhanced the security of transactions but also laid the foundation for a trustworthy platform that users could rely on with confidence.

Throughout the project, Mike’s deep analytic approach came to the fore. Every possible expense, value degradation over the years, and potential scalability issues were meticulously calculated. This meticulous approach ensured that the project was not only a technical triumph but also a financially sound investment.

In the annals of XOOMMIT’s history, this project remains a beacon of what can be achieved with visionary leadership, meticulous planning, and a global team united by a common goal. This story epitomizes XOOMMIT’s dedication to excellence, profitability, and the pursuit of transcendent technical solutions, all guided by the hand of a visionary CEO, Mike, whose leadership led the company to this remarkable achievement.

Working Process

Step 01


Client needed a online system to check payments with a API from the CAIXA (CEX) in Brazil and generate a montly licence for their program.

Step 02


With the specifications of the client wishes we developed their application and, created the barcode and the payment code and slip with the requerments of the Brazilian govermental bank CEX.

Step 03


Deployment was of this project was on a local LINIX sever and a DNS setting pointed to their local server. Clients where able to login and generate their online bill, printed out the payment slip and make a payments (offline or online).


Project was concluded with full satisfaction of the client and with approval of the Govermental Brazilian bank CEX. The result is not just a technical marvel, but a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, a bridge between Brazil's financial heritage and the digital frontier. This project embodies the ethos of XOOMMIT - a relentless pursuit of profitability through adept management, an acute understanding of cultural nuances, and a keen eye for long-term value.

  • Client:
    SCESGO - Sindicato dos Contabalistas do Estado de Goías
  • Sindicate:
  • Location:
    Rua 24 - Goiânia
  • Project Type:
    Online / Offline Payment systemem integrated with govermental bank (CEX)
  • Duration:
    3 Months

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